Find Energy, Clarity, and Focus in Just 8 Weeks

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With Power Mastery…

You’ll learn to conquer the Distraction, Overwhelm, and Fatigue that have been plaguing your life. Modern society is riddled with these thieves, and as a result so many of us find ourselves borrowing from one area of our lives to serve another. If you want to find balance in your world and tend to yourself, your family, your career, and your community with confidence and peace of mind, Power Mastery is for you.

Kai Van Bodhi has spent years studying the same techniques that Navy SEALs, fortune 500 executives, and the most successful people in the world use to achieve peak performance. He’s refined this system with ancient alchemy, verified by modern neuroscience, and developed the principle of the Triangle of Power: by entering the Triangle, the Energy, Clarity, and Focus that you’ll discover will exponentially feed into each other, bringing you balance for a lifetime.

How Power Mastery Works

The Triangle of Power

The Triangle of Power is an ancient truth that’s gone by many names over the years, but in the Pathway of Power, it has been refined through the lens of neuroscience. The Triangle has three sides: Energy, Clarity, and Focus, and when you step into the Triangle, you’ll see the benefits in your performance and mindset as each side feeds into and empowers the other two. 

The Six Gates of Power

The Six Gates of Power are key areas of your life that must be acknowledged and tended to. These are the Shadow Gate, the Meditation Gate, the Noble Movement Gate, the Breathwork Gate, the Nourishment Gate, and the Heart Intelligence Gate. Any one of these could be an area from which you draw strength or an area where you struggle. With Power Mastery, identifying and resolving these challenges will become second nature.. 

Accessing Your Power

After this 8-week program, you’ll have all of the tools you need to enter the Triangle of Power at a moment’s notice. Imagine showing up as the best version of yourself at every work, family, and community event for the rest of your life, and all you have to do is spend 5-15 minutes practicing a simple exercise to get there. That future really is possible, and with Power Master you can live it. 

Guidance and Community

The beauty of this live digital program is that you’ll have an automatic sense of community with the other students that have joined the course with you. Feel free to chat with others and join our Facebook group to truly get the most out of this program, Kai’s teachings, and the experiences of others all over the world. 

Course Outline:

2 weekly calls: Transmission & Activation on Wednesdays and Question & Implementation on Fridays


Redefine peak performance and lay the groundwork for a successful course. 


Discover the connection between nutrition and your day-to-day emotions 


Get familiar with the Power Practices Library: your go-to source of resources and wisdom


Learn the basic practices you need to connect with your inner power in just 5 minutes 

Week 1: The Shadow Gate

Learn to identify the areas and experiences in your life that drain your power, and take it back.


Look inward and examine your sense of self-worth


Find the simple, sustainable actions that will help you achieve higher levels of satisfaction


Learn to let go of childhood trauma 

Week 2: Meditation and Mindfulness 

Begin to accept your attention as your most valuable resource, and recognize all the ways that modern society steals it away from you. 


Reclaim your focus in order to perform at your highest level


Learn the 3 Centers Meditation and ABIDE Methods


Use time-tested practices to increase your attention span

Week 3: Breathwork 

Take it back to the basics and use breathwork practices to master your own nervous system. 


Explore multiple techniques, from the simple to the advanced


Learn Mind Body Alignment Breathwork (MBA) 


Take control of your thoughts, feelings, and energy and become less reactive to stress.

Week 4: Noble Movement

Exercise is a magic bullet that makes everything better. If you’re not already doing it, it’s time to start. And if you’re already doing it, it’s time to do it right.


Learn the exercises that will energize and focus you in just 5-15 minutes


Strengthen and lengthen your muscles and your heart


Integrate HIIT, Gigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and HRV training into your routine

Week 5: Heart Intelligence and Flow States 

When you achieve peak performance through flow state, you can get 5x the amount of work done at a time. This module teaches you exactly how to access flow state.


Combine and master the four previous modules


Create authentic positive emotions on-demand when you need them most


Use the Breath Activation Vision Process to easily access flow in no more than 15 minutes

Week 6: Abundance and Receivership

Forget about what you THINK you deserve and allow abundance to flow freely into your life.


Recognize your own Money Script: an unconscious pattern of beliefs that controls the amount of money we allow into our lives


Use breathwork to reprogram your subconscious and flip the script


Let go of the trauma and baggage that’s limiting your abundance

Week 7: Sexual Alchemy

Instead of recklessly discharging your sexual energy wherever and whenever you can, use breathwork and meditation to channel this energy upwards and inwards, ultimately transforming it into Energy, Clarity, and Focus.


Rekindle the fire that might be dying in your current relationship


Seal your energy leaks to become a better, more confident lover


Use Root Activation Meditation to pull energy up from the lower levels of your nervous system and into your heart and mind, where it becomes focused on creation

Week 8: The Power of Service 

Now that you’ve discovered internal balance and flow, it’s time to bring that strength into the lives of others and witness how your service can impact your loved ones as well as yourself.


Harness the lessons you’ve learned and teach them to others – this will bring you an even deeper understanding


Outline the ways that you can share the benefits of Power Mastery with your family, colleagues, and community 


Use your service to others as a way to break free from your own stuckness, self-judgment, and doubt 

It’s Impossible to Put a Price on a Lifetime of Balance and Focus…

But because you deserve to enrich your life with these skills, we’ve done it anyway. 

The Power Mastery course brings you thousands of dollars worth of wisdom and health, usually for the price of $1997. 

But we know that everyone deserves to live the life that Power Mastery unlocks, and that’s why we’re so excited to offer the program to you for only $981. 

Seating is limited, so register now to secure your spot and invest in a lifetime of Energy, Clarity, and Focus.

Imagine What Your Life Could Be… 

If you didn’t have to borrow Energy from one area of your life just to tend to another. 

If you had the Clarity of mind to identify and act on the highest-leverage task in any situation. 

If you were able to Focus on each pillar of your world with dedication and enthusiasm, and end every day confident that you’d done right by the people you love. 


With Power Mastery, you really can have it all. Join us to learn not only how to do away with the Distraction, Overwhelm, and Fatigue that plagues you, but how to approach every challenge you face with excitement and confidence.  

Sign up now to start living the life you know you deserve.



Kai Van Bodhi is a pioneer in the field of Holistic Medicine integrating both Ancient Alchemy and Modern Neuroscience into a complete and accessible pathway to unlocking human potential. Holding a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine he is an artful teacher of meditation, tai-chi, qigong and mind-body exercise.

Kai has spent 15 years studying with Masters in the far east, learning the language and becoming an insider in traditions often off-limits to western students.

He has been sharing these ancient technologies infused with modern science to over 100,000 people in live events, group coaching programs and one-to-one mentorships.

He works with high achieving entrepreneurs, leaders and visionary game changers to incorporate micro-doses of these effective practices into their busy lives for more fulfillment, flow and success on all levels.

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