Since the beginning of history humans have ingested substances for sustaining their lives and altering their consciousness. In this gate on the pathway of power we look into the various herbs, supplements and foods that are making a difference in health and peak performance.

We often refer to this gate as Adaptogens, Entheogens and Nootropics. When we speak of these, we are talking about Nourishment not only to the body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human. The wise would not overlook these as they have the ability to lead one into the deeper potentials in human nature. Ultimately our relationship with food, herbs and drugs will often predict success or failure in other areas of life.

Adaptogens: are a relatively new class of herb/food in our culture.  They are dual directional substances that increase our ability to deal with the stresses of life.  To be an adaptogen a substance must meet three important criteria;  it must be completely non toxic, it has to provide a non-specific increase in our ability to deal with stress, it is generally known to have additional positive effects on overall health.  Incorporating them into our lives can add both to our daily performance and our lasting longevity.  Adaptogens help us adapt to any situation in life with grace.

Entheogens:  These are by far the most controversial.  The word Entheogen points to a substance that creates the experience of the divine from within.  These are the cornerstones of shamanic traditions and also responsible for much of the human potential movement in our world today.  Many people don’t realize that William James, considered the father of psychology, explored the use of various substances that altered consciousness.   The use of LSD, MDMA and Psilocybin is now being re-searched further.  When used appropriately, many studies show behavioral modification successes that make current pharmaceutical approaches seem crude and unusual.

The Pathway of Power explores the values, risks and appropriateness of these substances on an indivindual basis.    Keep in mind that fasting, breathing, meditating and exercise can all induce altered entheogenic states. Yet none as reliably as the substances mentioned above.  As a result they offer a powerful pathway to growth and enhanced performance when used appropriately (with reverence and time for integration).

Nootropics also known as “cognitive enhancers” or “smart drugs” are substances that lead to increased capacity for cognitive functioning.  They help us focus to accomplish more. Nootropics come from both the synthetic pharmaceutical world, the world of supplements and the world of herbs and food.  Like entheogens, they have their own set of risks and best practices.

These make up a single gate because one substance can produce a sense of well being and faith within, while also increasing our ability to focus and helping us deal with stress.  A substance can be an Adaptogen, Entheogen and Nootropic in one. Everything you do in life is either promoting or detracting from your connection to  a higher power, your ability to think, focus and your overall longevity.  This is a powerful gate.