According to your Power Leak Assessment, the gate of power that could most benefit you right now is the Meditation & Mindfulness Gate.

For you this means :

  •   You may be losing immense productivity to multitasking and distraction
  • √  You may have excess worry or anxiety that could otherwise be prevented through meditation
  •   Your relationships may also suffer if you are experiencing this anxiety

The Modern Person is afflicted with interruption and addicted to distraction.

That is one of the reasons why the current human attention span in current times has shrunk to 6-8 seconds. This mean that you are trapped in multitasking – and not really making progress like you could be.

Meditation is the greatest technique among entrepreneurs and visionaries to counter these villains of modern life.

Combined with other gates on the Pathway of Power, Noble Movement helps us get in touch with the emotions stored in our tissues so we can dissolve stress before it becomes our next pound of fat, or worse yet, some physical disease.