The Gate you’re leaking the most energy through is…


People tend to think that their minds and bodies are separate, but this isn’t true. Embodied cognition teaches us that the way we move our bodies actually affects the way we think and perform in all aspects of our lives. That’s where noble movement comes in – it’s all about using exercise to connect with our bigger purpose and improve our performance in just 5-15 minutes at a time.

The gyms are full of people working on their biceps, abs and butts. While developing those muscles has some benefit, the non-integrated approach to exercise will not have a strong impact on longevity or quality of life.

Noble movement uses the latest in exercise science to provide customized whole body workouts that use as little as 4 minutes and 20 seconds to achieve maximum efficacy. Noble Movements strengthen specific muscle groups while lengthening others. They provide cardiovascular training without overly stressing the body systems. Most importantly these exercises are infused with the deeper intentions of the practitioner so the ability to get through the next rep correlates with staying on task during the work day.

Combined with other gates on the Pathway of Power, Noble Movement helps us get in touch with the emotions stored in our tissues so we can dissolve stress before it becomes our next pound of fat, or worse yet, some physical disease.