The Gate you’re leaking the most energy through is…


Mastering this gate gives you the ability to consciously, authentically generate a positive emotion regardless of what’s going on around you.

This is where the Pathway of Power leads all the great ones. Recent studies show that EQ (Emotional Quotient) is a better predictor of success than one’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Dealing effectively with our emotions is a key component to success in all areas of life. Skillfully handling and using emotions allows us to enjoy the process of getting things done. This makes life more enjoyable and allows us to develop perseverance needed to work toward bigger dreams and long term goals.

Heart Intelligence is built on empowered communication, self awareness and the understanding that the heart’s magnetic field has a massive impact on our overall health and cognitive functions.

When we learn to quickly and consciously improve our Heart Rate Variability, we are able to consciously modulate our brainwave state and nervous system. This creates enhanced cognitive performance and longer life.

Recent advances in neuro-science have allowed us to map the human brain when in a state of flow. This has led to the discovery of four unique qualities that most human beings crave by default; Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortlessness, and Richness. Flow states are moments where attention is not solely on oneself, time slows down, the task at hand is completed with a high level of ease while depth and beauty are perceived.

The corporate world has become ravenously interested in the ability to access flow states because this state increases productivity by 40-60%. Imagine being able to get your entire work week done in 3 days. This adds up to big impacts on company profits.

The military has also seen the massive cost of training Navy Seals fail to pay back when the vast majority can’t make it into the most elite teams. The ability to sync up with the team like a school of fish is of the highest value when lives are on the line and milliseconds count. This is what the Navy Seal created a Mind Gym using HRV monitors to keep teams of seals in synced up brainwave states while doing physical training.

On the Pathway of Power we use both brainwave and HRV monitors in the program to train ourselves for the battle of our lives, so that we can show up peacefully, poised and ready for anything at work, in our relationships and for ourselves. Never has the path to health, peak performance and longevity been more accessible, more badass and more important than right now.