The Gate you’re leaking the most energy through is…


Mastering the Breathwork Gate allows you to change your state at will and show up at your best in as little as 5 minutes regardless of what’s going on around you.

Made popular by superhuman Wim Hof, breathwork has become a part of the training for executives, athletes and speakers alike. When we control our breath we control our heart rate. When we can influence our heart rate we can begin to control our brainwave state.

Any Gate on the Pathway of Power can multiply a person’s capacity to focus, maintain sustained energy and massively influence their performance in any area of life. However, the Breathwork Gate may be the quickest return on investment. The breath is at the very center of the human experience as it is one of the only functions of the human body that is both conscious and unconscious. Skillful breath work turns anxiety into excitement, lethargy into motivation and muddied negative emotions into clear equanimity.

Breathwork techniques from eastern alchemical traditions and verified by modern science are the most accessible, powerful and easy-to-use tools to give each of us the ability to choose our state on demand.