The Gate you’re leaking the most energy through is…


The modern world is full of distractions that can mess with your focus. And it’s not just our attention spans that have taken a hit. We’re so used to multitasking that we’re not even making the kind of progress we could be making.

That’s why meditation is a game changer for entrepreneurs and visionaries. It helps to keep those modern villains of distraction and overwhelm at bay.

Here are some signs that you could benefit from meditation:

√ You’re always multitasking and it’s affecting your productivity

√ You’re feeling more anxious or worried than you’d like to be

√ Your relationships may be suffering because of your stress levels

Combined with other gates on the Pathway of Power, Meditation & Mindfulness helps us stay present and focused on high-priority tasks. By implementing these simple techniques, you can regain hours of lost time every week.